Rogers Optics and Restoration


Please note that ROPTR has moved (we are no longer in Bankstown), if you intend to visit please phone first.


One thing that we learn early on is never to lend our things to others.  Why? Because inevitably, without reason or premeditation, they will either become damaged or not returned.  Of those loaned optical items that are returned, 75% brought in have inadvertently been dropped. 


The remaining 25% have broken parts, mould growing on the optics or are missing bits and pieces.


So do you have a problem with your binoculars?  Are you seeing double?  Maybe you, or someone else, dropped them?


Does your telescope function properly? Does the focuser move in fits and starts, or maybe not come to focus? Are the stars no longer small sharp dots?


Have your Eyepieces become dirty from your facial oils, or you?ve got your moon filter stuck in the barrel?  You didn?t leave it out overnight did you?


Maybe your spotting scope has been dropped and you no longer can see through it, or, as in some cases, it?s broken into two or more parts?


For more than twenty years I have been providing repairs and restoration for new and antique optical equipment. Whether it?s your grandmother?s opera glass with lorgnette, or a rebuild of a telescope, even a xanthoproteinometer, I can service them.


With a large stock of spare lenses and parts for most optical equipment ranging from the present and going back to the turn of the 18th century, along with the ability to fabricate some metal components means that Roger?s Optics and Restoration can cover a large range of repairs.


Repairs to: Binoculars, Telescopes, Magnifiers, Spottingscopes, Eyepieces, Alidades, Microscopes (Really just about anything with lenses other than camera lenses & riflescopes.)


To all makes and models including, but not restricted to: Zeiss (Oberkochen & Jena), Pentax, Steiner, Nikon, Leica, Leitz, Carton, Gerber, Bushnell, Bausch & Lomb, TASCO, Celestron, Meade, Barska, Saxon etc.


As well as antique makes and models including, but not restricted to: Barr & Stroud, Ross, Watson, Levy, Leitz, Kershaw, Goertz, Dollond, Dolland, A.&A. Clarkson, Broadhurst, Broadhurst & Clarkson etc.


Please read the information on the SHIPPING tab for how to pack your binoculars. If I use the same packaging you use I cannot guarantee that they will arrive back in their newly repaired condition!!  If I have to rebox them, you will be charged accordingly!


Hours:  9am - 5pm Mon-Thurs   9am - 3pm Fri


Please note that only payment by direct deposit is accepted unless picking up in person.  I do not take credit cards, nor do I use PAYPAL.


Postal address:  PO Box 224, Padstow  NSW  2211